Soliya reflection

Soliya was an international student conference where students from different parts of the world to share their experience and background about different topics. Unfortunately I was not able to participate this semester as my assigned group conflicted with other courses so I could not attend. However, I interviewed 2 students, attended a focus group where another 2 students talked about their experience and I attended another focus group that was about privacy.

People’s main comment about soliya was mainly about the assigned groups as some of the groups were more interactive than others which made the process a lot more fun and engaging while for those who had groups that did not interact found the whole experience not interesting and maybe for some people they thought that it was boring.At first most of my colleagues felt uncomfortable talking in front of people that they did not know then after several meetings with their groups they became more confident and willing to talk. The students that I interviewed said that they expected to talk about their cultures and countries but it wasn’t like that as the topics were about who they are, their interests, how do we see our cultures and what are their expectations and things that they’re willing to change from their culture stereotypes and traditions.

Other topics where about social media platforms and how much they are involved in their lives. We also talked about social media in the Google hangout that we did which was about privacy. We shared our stories and talked about funny things that happened to us while using social media platforms. The thing that I liked the most was the diversity of people and how interactive and understanding they were. I shared a story of mine which was about someone who created a fake account for me on a social media platform and how I dealt with it and most importantly I felt really comfortable talking and participating in the conversation which was something that I did not expect. Then, they all shared similar stories and experiences about how could people use social media to invade others privacy and how can we protect our identity on social media platforms to avoid any unwanted consequences.



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