Reflection on Twitter scavenger hunt

Being a person who likes to connect and socialize with people from different cultures and background, the Twitter scavenger hunt game was an amazing opportunity for me as we got the chance to interact and play the game with different people from around the world, which is something that I have never experienced or tried before. Also, the game itself was great and entertaining and all of the class were trying to search for that mysterious item that is popular in Egypt, so that people from different countries won’t know what they posted easily like one of my classmates who posted a picture of a local wedding here in Egypt that is very different from the setting of wedding all over the world. Moreover, I have never used twitter before and when i started using it i found out that it was a really interesting platform where people get to know each other through and interact through pictures,videos, GIFs and memes; which helps us to know about different countries practices and culture. Overall, the whole experience was enjoyable, joyful, engaging and interactive as the whole class were trying to guess each other’s items and also helping each other in guessing those pictures of international participants which was like an ice breaker that helped us in knowing each other better.

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