Reflecting on the Empathy and Bias games

One of the most interesting activities that I have done since I have took the course, as it’s very realistic and that it let you experience things that you might never face in real life through putting yourself into someone else’s foot.

Starting off by the first game which is called  “SPENT” where you get the experience of living on a tight budget for a whole month and figure out if you’re going to survive or not. What’s really fascinating about it is that it puts you in real life tough situations and when you choose the answer you can see the consequences of your decisions, where you would always find yourself sacrificing for something that is more important like food or doctors which is something that I have not really experienced ever in real life. Therefore, I was not able to survive the first time but when i tried again, i felt how difficult it is to live on such a tight budget; after the game i empathized with those who live that way more like i did before.

Moreover, we played another game that was about Syrian refugees and their journey to survive…BBC Syrian refugees for me that was more heartbreaking than the other due to the severe results of your choices. After answering a couple of questions you find a message saying that you died or you have drown in the ocean which is shocking and it was an eye opener for how severe and traumatizing  death is for them, it happens in a blink of an eye…..

The 3rd game is depression quest “depression game” where the details of the story made me feel like i am drowning into the person’s feelings. Also, the depressing context of the story, the  way of describing the streets and weather. The very accurate description of the feeling of the person telling the story that almost everyone can relate to is what makes the game engaging and interesting, highlighting the weight that can be put by others on the depressed person’s shoulders and how unbearable it could me feel like i should always think twice before blaming people about actions that annoys me. As sometimes even the closest people in your life can’t get what you’re feeling is. The fact tat some answers were crossed out made me feel like some options that may be possible for me, might not be applicable for others. Moreover, depression has no end, it is really hard to deal with and that no one should be mocked about for feeling down or depressed as mental health is really as important as physical and can be even harder to deal with.

The 4th game is the living game “living” which is about animal abuse that tells us a story from a child’s point of view, I emphasized with the child as you go on with the story then I has a very strong eager to know what will happen to him, you put yourself in his shoes and take decisions and then you find the plot twist that you’re a dog and that is where the shock happens. Most of the people including myself won’t feel much about the importance of animal rights and that they have feelings just like we do, so they shouldn’t be treated differently. My only comment about it is that i didn’t want to know that it was about animal abuse as i was expecting that it would be an animal before reaching the end.

Finally, the last game was about child abuse and orphans child abuse game , first I had to choose my gender then I find out that my care taker abuses me and I chose to escape to another orphanage, and this is the part that I did not like about the game as it was very shallow, it escalated so quickly that I did not even have decisions to make. I liked that it has a happy ending; other than that it didn’t make me sympathize with the orphan like the others it should have had to include more details and to go deeper into different situations.


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