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My initial idea is making a game about stress, as it something that i feel nearly everyday which is making my life harder. Stress can have many forms and reasons and each and every person have different ones, it can also have many implications that can be severe and continuous. I also want to raise awareness about the fact that being constantly stressed out shouldn’t be taken lightly and that people should learn how to deal with it as it can be inevitable for some people who live in tough conditions or those who have very demanding jobs or careers; they shouldn’t let stress consume their energy and take over their lives as from my experience I think that being overly stressed can be the road to depression and many other mental and physical health problems.


20 thoughts on “Game idea

  1. This issue is definitely one that everybody will relate to and understand as we all are stressed at some point in our lives, it seems like a common or minor problem when it is in fact a very important issue to tackle. I think backing it up with some research and evidence would raise the prominence of the issue even more.

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  2. Very interesting topic as stress became a prevalent issue in many people’s lives. Different situations as being a parent who has many duties , student who is having hard time at college or a someone who just moved into a new apartment would be some suggestions of situations where stress is present. Good luck with your game, it will be so interesting to play!

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  3. I’m really intrigued by your idea to develop a game about stress, Hana. I see that the two comments you’ve received so far highlight an aspect I was also going to mention — backing up your game design with research. It could even be empowering to share some of the research findings with game participants. Ideas such as positive and negative stress, for example, could be useful for people in navigating their own situations.

    In any case, best of luck with this — if you decide to develop the game I will look forward to playing it! Also please keep me in mind as a game tester (you can find me on Twitter at @catherinecronin).

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  4. Hana, your game idea sounds very timely. Here in Australia we are seeing a big focus on mental health issues. Stress causing anxiety and depression is very real. I agree with all of the comments above, and would like to also suggest that providing examples of different ways to combat stress would be really appreciated by players. Meditation and exercise are two that I can think of. Providing research resources to support those who suffer stress would make the game very useful :).

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  5. I love your idea!! I think all of us must have passed through tough times and stressed at some point in our lives. You can highly rely on personal experience and your friends’ experiences as well as the research since your major is one of the most stressful majors “Architecture”.
    Im so excited to try your game, good luck with it!!

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  6. The game sounds very relevant where all of us definitely can relate to at many points in our lives…You can also consider interviewing or asking people of different ages (above 60/ thirties/ teenagers) to see how their tolerance to stress is affected by their age and experience along the years 🙂

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