Equity blog post

First of all, we have to understand the difference between equality and equity. There was that photo in the slides that described the difference between both as it showed that if you give 3 people 3 equal height chairs so that the can reach an apple you’re treating them equally which may not be ideal for all of them as not all of them will be satisfied by that height, while if you gave each one a chair with a height that is convenient for their height that’s called equity where you treat people fairly (according to their needs) not equally.

The first activity that we did in class was listing things that annoys us from people and then thinking about excuses for them. When I heard others listing what annoys them from others, I found that I do a lot of these annoying action but whenever I do any of them it is completely unintentional; like for example, someone said that he gets annoyed by people who always come late and never stick to their appointments and that there’s no excuse for doing so. Which is not always the case, as some people may have valid excuses for their actions. Thus, in my opinion I think we should always give people a chance to explain themselves before we get mad or judge. After that some people commented on how do they get an overall idea about a race, a nationality, religion or a gender and they judge them based on a single experience that they had with them which is considered unfair for the others that they’ve not dealt with. Based on that idea, they judge and set standards and categorize people which is also unfair in my personal opinion.

I also learnt that everyone is biased in a way or another, we are biased toward the people or the things we love. We get biased to people who we think are like us in the way we look or the way we behave. The last thing we did was playing a game Implicit Harvard that would tell us if we’re biased to a specific race or not, and surprisingly the results came out that I am biased towards people of a specific race or people with a lighter skin tone which was never the way that I think of myself. I have always wanted equality for everyone and never thought that way.


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