Do Not Track!!

Overall, the videos that I have watched were pretty shocking and as I watched more episodes it became really scary how simple actions like the clicks that you make and consider part of your daily routine can affect your life! As websites can track you, know where you go, where you live and a lot other confidential information about you. Not only that but also, they share this information with other websites so that the can know your preferences and use it for their own benefit without taking your permission which is something that I have found very annoying even though I don’t really post anything personal on social media platforms, the fact that my information is being used without my permission is itself bothering me.

The spy in my pocket series showed how can apps use your information and get things from your phone without you noticing, like for example the angry birds game which is in fact a very silly game that went viral and was on each and every phone. It was found out that it uses information about you from your phone like accessing your contacts for example which is very shocking. As it is the kind of app that you might think is very silly and somehow useless, it could take your personal data and share it with other people who might use it in advertising something for you through the app for example.

Also, the morning rituals should us how dangerous it is to be addicted to social media platforms and posting details from our daily lives that could be used to know things about our personal lives, help google and other applications in tracking our history and it isn’t the website that you’re visiting but a couple of other parties that are watching you and use that data for advertising purposes which use cookies to record your activity and use it for their own good where they can collect tons of money out of this information. Therefore, they analyze everything about you, what you love, what you hate, your personality traits and based on that they choose the suitable ads for you so these ads are not just random ones that appear to you but instead they are specifically tailored to suit your preferences that these advertising companies know what they are without you telling them. Finally, the internet experts’ advice is that we should try to protect our digital selves as much as we protect ourselves in real life.

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