Game final draft

Based on my experience at university and the continuous stress that I always have to deal with, I chose that my game would be about stress. All the scenarios of the game are real ones that I face whenever we’re approaching the midterms or finals period where it’s hard for me and many of my colleagues to manage our times and live our lives normally. The scenarios may sound extreme to some people but believe me that is exactly what happens when that time of the semester approaches, it’s when you find each architecture student grumpy, sleep deprived and over stressed. That is exactly what this game is about it shows you a glimpse of our lives as architecture students; most of the situations that are in the game happened to either real people or to myself. You can try to play the game here!–DyCXelKyKNfSu3foeb1GA8WrjKGfpCXw/formResponse


First draft:–DyCXelKyKNfSu3foeb1GA8WrjKGfpCXw/viewform?usp=sf_link


Initial game idea:


Since the beginning of the process of making the game, the feedback was that the choices lead to extreme cases that always have bad consequences and that was the main intention of the game. As its purpose is to deliver our experience to people where we would always have to sacrifice something in order to get something else and you have to try and make the best of the worst choices that you have based on your priorities at that time and you could always mess it up with bad decisions and whenever you think that you’re doing the right choice you would have to lose something in return.


What I would do if I had more time is conducting more interviews with architecture students so I can know more situations where they were stressed and had to make life changing decision and how did these decisions affect their lives. The most important thing that I have learnt from my interviews with students is that everyone perceives things differently some people can actually perform better when they are under stress while for others who can’t deal with stress, it can drag them down as they just can’t handle it or work under such a draining pressure.


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